“The most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman.
The most un-protected person in America is the black woman.
The most neglected person in America, is the black woman.”

-Malcom X

Ethnicity aside, the woman has got to be the loneliest person on the planet. Women are objectified by men and put down by other women. We were made to be submissive, passive and obedient. We were told that we can’t decide for ourselves so we need parents, religion, and husbands to feel fulfilled.

But we are too ashamed to say that we don’t feel fulfilled.

The reason why is because we use things outside of us to complete us. Meanwhile, the only thing that can complete us is the other half of ourselves. Our masculine energy. The energy that was repressed in us when we were told by superiors that “We are too bold”, “Too attractive”, “Too loud”, “Too outspoken”, “Too UNASHAMED.”

I probably have some raised eyebrows by now. “Masculine energy? In women?”

You know, living in a dualistic world has really made us one-sided. Go figure, huh? We are brainwashed from young to ignore one extreme in favor for another. For example, we had to eat all the food on our plates just because there was starvation in Africa.

Our being full was not validated since people were lacking elsewhere in the world.

Let’s use this analogy for gender.

As girls, we are taught to be passive and submissive because we are not men, who are naturally active and assertive.

Our being full (balanced masculine and feminine energies) was not validated since we are “lacking” a penis.

Just because we do not have penises does not mean that we do not have the right to be assertive, have dreams and, for crying out loud, have a career and raise a family.

So, how did my tarot journey start?

When I realized that these other adults didn’t have it right either. At least I was aware that I needed guidance. But parents, grandparents, teachers, bosses, any authority figure had let me down.

But there was something that I always could rely on, though it’s been a while since I had talked to it. My intuition.

A woman’s intuition has never let us down. We just listened to other people when they told us that they knew better than us. Invalidating our intuition.

If you found my blog, I expect that you already read or are thinking about reading tarot. In which case, you already know that the tarot cards aren’t the magic; merely the medium to channel the wisdom from our intuition into something physical that the conscious can sense physically. It’s not the magic.

We are the magic.

And the first step to empowering ourselves, as women, is to focus on our strengths. And our strength is our creativity/intuition. The road to becoming empowered is a long and rocky one, and some guidance will be needed at certain twists and hurdles. This is how tarot cards aided me on my self-development journey. To help me recalibrate.

I know that tarot reading is fun and looks mystical, but if there’s anything I want my blog to inspire you to do, it’s to use tarot to make you the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF as possible.